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Yes, Uli is DECA qualified and he will do the DECA inspections and sign-off. 

Possibly, please call us to arrange a pick up time. We're not a walk-in shop. 

We ship only in New Zealand.

For site visits we operate in the greater Auckland area but we ship to anywhere in New Zealand. 

As far as I know only once in her lifetime, but I get conflicting information from my Google searches. Please can someone comment. 

Purchasing a bee suit without pockets. 

No. Store it out of direct sunlight if you can. 

Yes. Just put it in a water bath. Keep the temparature below 40 to 45˚C or else it may effect the taste of the honey. 

No, never ever do we add anything to the honey. The bees make the honey. Sometimes they make it runny, sometimes they make it really viscous. 

The white layer is probably just wax from the hive. Wax is lighter than honey and will float to the top. 

Most natural honey crystalizes. Usually it will crystalize after a few weeks, ometimes it takes longer, sometimes only a few days. If the crystals are fine enough and the consistency happens to be creamy, we call it creamed honey. Creamed honey is not beaten, shaken or churned as many believe. If honey does not crystalize it is either pasturised or micro-filtered or both. Stay away from it.